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  • pay-per-play

    This next gen arcade features 38 stations ideal for multiplayer action with your friends or by yourself online. Or maybe you’re looking to try the latest in motion gaming with Wii and Kinect.
    You choose how long you want to play; by the hour or half hour and the size screen you want to play on. Jumbo, Giant and Big. We loan you the controller and set you up with the games selected from our library. And if you need help our Game Gurus are here to assist.

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  • videogame birthday parties

    Powersurge is the perfect venue for just about any group event. Whether that be corporate team building, game company testing, school fundraiser, sports teams after party or any other organization looking for a fun, interactive way to bring people together for a great time.

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Video Arcade Los Angeles


The city of Los Angeles is certainly known for being a place where there is never a dull moment and there is never a shortage of


things to do. However, the choices can often become overwhelming and stressful, with so many potential plans and so many Los


Angeles party venues to pick from. Why not alleviate that stress and try something new for your next party? Powersurge is the


ultimate choice, offering an incredible video game arcade Los Angeles facility. Whether you are looking to throw a birthday


party for kids, a get-together for adults, a corporate event, or even a fundraiser, we can easily accommodate your needs.


We offer an innovative and exciting approach to video arcade los angeles parties by incorporating the most popular games into


the mix. Video games are ideal for bringing together family, friends, or business partners alike. What better way to interact


with one another than through friendly competition or teaming up on a thrilling video game? Our video game arcade


Los Angeles facility has 38 stations that include console gaming systems such as Xbox, Wii, and Playstation.


Each of our stations has a console with a flat screen television and ample seating for guests both playing and waiting their


turn. Instead of the classic video arcade layout, our space is more hip and modern; which makes for an even more unique and


comfortable experience for everyone. We pride ourselves in being one of the safest, friendliest, and most fun video arcade Los


Angeles party venues. Just take a look at our wide array of party packages and you should have no trouble making a decision


for your next event. We have ample space for large parties at affordable prices. Powersurge is undoubtedly the best choice out


of all the private party venues Los Angeles. Come on down or give us a call and see why our video game arcade Los Angeles


facility has grown so much in popularity. Whether you are a full-grown adult or a playful child, Powersurge is confident that


every partygoer will have a blast!

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