contours options lt tandem stroller review

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Contours has done it again, these manufactures do not disappoint when it comes to manufacturing of tandem baby strollers. Many of associate baby tandem strollers with their big and bulky built, but the contours options lt tandem stroller is an expectetions! Its light weight and very portable.

This tandem stroller is very lightweight it comes at just 33.8 Ibs weight and fold easily with both seats on. This feature give you enough time to spend with your kids by reducing the time spend folding the stroller. Through the tender seat cushion, your kids will have enough time to share their tender moments with you,explore their sorrouding or play with each other on this reversible seat. 

The best thing about this stroller is that it comes with one infant seat adapter which is compatible with nearly all car seats for infants in the market today including; 1. Britax 2. Chicco 3. Combi 4. Cosco 5. Evenflo6. GracoMaxi 7. Perego

The seat also takes your infants safety into consideration first. Being certified by Certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, this seat has satisfied the strict standards set by the organisation. It boasts of important features including; independent seats which are reclining with canopies, Some adjustable platforms which serve as leg rests, a rotatable napper bard for your child’s easy access. It has a seating style whose concept has been adopted from the stadium seating style, an a 5 point safety harness which is adjustable to suit indvidual height requirements and includes a protective head rest.The contours options lt tandem stroller can accommodate two children of Upto 40 Ibs each , this gives it a weight capacity of 80 Ibs which makes it a favourable option for those with twins. 

Features of the contours options lt tandem stroller.

1. Lightweight design – This baby stroller weighs only 33.8 lbs and this weight has been calibrated with with both seats on! Amazing right?

2. Many seating positions- The Contours Option Lt Tandem has an option of upto 6 different options for seating. This gives your babies flexibility to view their environment from different seating positions or even play with each other while on the stroller.

3. It comes with one infant seat adapter that can accommodate majorityof the infant seats for cars in the market.

4. A front-wheel suspension – This gives your baby a very smooth ride with easy mobility plus maneuverability. 

5. For safety, it packs a auto lock complete with a Free-Stand- This feature allows the baby stroller to be able to stand upright easily when folded. 

Product Pros and Cons.

For those expecting twins, this baby stroller is and excellent choice. This is because of the double stroller option. The light weight is also an advantage for those living in storey buildings. The handle is smooth and firm, plus it comes at a very affordable price. The cup holder and basket at the bottom gives you enough option to take baby food with you as you stroll and it is easy to set up too


It is heavy and bulky and offers no parent tray.

After weighing the pros and cons of this baby stroller, the benefits win. It is ideal for those with twins and live in high rise buildings. For the safety and easy mobility of your infants, this baby stroller will do the trick.